Are you looking for qualitative, high-grade deep-frying oil? Look no further. 

Our products are sustainable, high-quality, economical and natural. Our oils are delivered in sustainable packaging and also very sustainable because of their stability. The high stability results in less waste and less transport.

Our deep-frying oils are continuously further developed and adapted to the latest trends.

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Frying, roasting & grilling

This is the perfect liquid product for pan frying and grilling. It is available as a full liquid  and thick liquid product. Both oils do not contain hardened fats, salt or water. This is a product range that appeals to all professional users. It is fully plant-based, with a focus on health and reduced fat consumption.

An innovative, olive-oil based frying oil that is perfect for pan frying - without spitting. This oil can be used for the cold dishes and even for deep-frying.

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More and more, consumers want to buy biological products. Biological catering should also be of 100% biological origin, also the less obvious ingredients. Our Bio oils are packaged in a waste-friendly bag-in-box that is easily recyclable and reduces waste. From an oil that can be used in cold dishes to stable oils for frying and deep-frying. Adapted to the latest trends.

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